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Each order at Bills Inc., from Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing to Sewing till packing is processed at our facilities. Quality Controllers keep stringent check at all steps of the production process to ensure that quality standards are met. Fabric, printed or dyed, is checked under the internationally accepted 4-point system. If for export is packed as per buyers requirement with proper marking indicating weight and yardage


For apparel manufacturing it is sent to the sewing facility where it is checked once again by sewing facility Quality Assurance Staff to ensure there are no imperfections. The fabric is then stitched by skilled workers using the most advanced specialized Japanese and European machinery: loop-making machines, waistband attachment machines, feed off machines, eyelet button hole making machines, Single and Double Needle Machines with Auto Trimers.

Next, our five-step checking process is applied to the garment to make sure we are manufacturing only top quality products.

Next, our five-step checking process is applied to the garment to make sure we are manufacturing only
top quality products. These five steps include:

1- In-Line checking: Garments are checked randomly throughout the day on the stitching floor by Quality Assurance personnel who are assigned a limited number of machines each.
2- 100% Inspection by Quality Control Officers.
3- 100% Re-Inspection by Quality Assurance Officers.
4- 100% Measurement Inspection after wash and iron by Quality Assurance Officers.
5- Final Goods Inspection: Quality Assurance Officers check 5% of the packed garments.

In addition to the above process, our team of quality controllers and quality control manager keep a vigilant eye on all activities from cutting to packaging. The quality control team consists of a Quality Assurance Manager for the Knit Division and the Woven Division.

One overall Senior Quality Assurance Manager who oversees each divisions quality control and reports directly to Chief Executive Office, because of our robust quality control process, our facilities have been approved by WRAP, Levis Strauss, Costco and Wal-Mart USA. This means that our social standards as well as our stitching, quality inspection and management structure are comparable to any factory in a developed country of the world.

Independent Audting System

A team of quality auditors inspects all shipments, fabric and apparel, by the recognized international standards such a AQL(2.5%) from fabrication to packaging. This team is independent of the production team and reports directly to the Sales Office in Canada.

We Listen to Buyers

We can quickly adapt to the change of buyers requirements because we deal directly with our Customers. We consider buyers to be valuable partners as they are our best source of information on what end consumers want and the upcoming trends. This is why we encourage them to regularly share with us their ideas or suggestions and feedback.

Timely Delivery

We realize that, given the constantly changing nature of the fashion business timely delivery is very important. Since we are a vertical unit and control our supply sources, we have a time advantage over our competitors. Before accepting any orders, we analyze each order to make sure that we have the resources available to service that order in the time frame given to us.

Competitive Price

Thanks to the vertical setup and high turn around volume, we can offer our clients very competitive prices with best Quality Product.

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