Our philosophy is that we are service providers, not manufacturers. This has been the foundation on which we built our company since it came into existence in 1947.

Our primary goal has always been to exceed customer expectations by continuously developing, maintaining and enhancing our business relationships with all our suppliers and buyers. Our customers know they can count on getting quality products, on time that is customized to their needs


  Attending MAGIC September 2009 Booth Number MA 31221.  Here we will be displaying all our products. Waiting to see you there. 
  Accomplished Hybrid TEX Finish where top side is Water Repellent (Hydrophobic)  and bottom side is Water Absorbent (Hydrophilic). Also accomplished Silver based Anti Microbial Finish 

Manufactured and shipped SUSSCESSFULLY as per Military Specs BDU and ACU Pant, Shirt, Jacket, Diplomat Tactical pant and Patrol/Bonnie Caps for the American Retail Market in a variety of Generic Camouflage Designs.        


Bills Inc. approved by WRAP having distinction  of Level 'A' factory one of very few in Pakistan.

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