Social Responsibilities

Our CSR activities remain strategically focused around three 3 fundamental areas under which we invest our time and resources.
Keeping our people engaged in the community creates ownership and increased commitment towards the issues that really matter.

The Citizens Foundation TCF

Our people have been actively supporting The Citizens Foundation TCF – a non-profit organization set up in Pakistan in 1995 to bring positive social change through education. Today TCF has 1567 purpose-built schools educating 252,000 students across Pakistan. It is an “all-female” faculty and a 50% student gender ratio. The school imparts high quality education and a holistic student development and alumni support program.

Our commitment stands strong in support of TCF’s work in Pakistan and we hope to further enhance our collaboration through our resources.

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Thalassemia Blood Donation Drive

Over the last 10 years Bill’s Inc., has been continuously supporting Thalassemia patients in Karachi by organization blood donation camps within our facility premises. The activity is held every three months and on an average we donate about -- -- pints of blood annually.
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SINA Pakistan

OWe strive to make our community healthy and active beyond the walls of Bill’s Inc., We like to look at ourselves as agents of change in combatting some of the most complicated challenges our country faces which include:

Our commitment stands strong in support of TCF’s work in Pakistan and we hope to further enhance our collaboration through our resources.

  • Saving children from critical illnesses and death
  • Women’s Health
  • Relieve pressure on tertiary and secondary care hospitals
  • Decrease the burden of disease from our community

For this we are closely associated with SINA – A health, education and welfare trust organization.

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In-house Vocational Training Facility

Bill’s Inc., own vocational training facility “Bills Foundation” has played an exceptional role in the development and empowerment of Women in the workplace and society.

We have hand-picked underprivileged unskilled women and trained them at our facility until they have successfully qualified in the “Skilled Worker Program” to be a full time worker at our facility or any other. During this training period, they are paid a fair stipend with lunch meals. The program ensures that underprivileged women become productive and empowered members of society.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Exploring alternative energy to reduce the CO2 impact on our environment will remain an ongoing part of our business objectives. Today we are investing in Solar Roofs to power our facilities as well as sustainable ways to reduce waste.

From Fabric and Paper Recycling to the basic things such as minimum use of paper – we want to make sure everything counts.


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